Warehouse & Order Fulfillment

As Canada’s largest privately-owned third-party logistics provider, we manage millions of square feet of warehouse space across North America and Europe. Whether you require a dedicated or shared user space, Metro can custom build a scalable solution that supports your current and future warehousing needs. Each of our solutions is designed to optimize both location and space, while minimizing handling and inventory levels – all with an eye to reducing fixed costs and other drains on working capital. We match this physical capability with an industry leading warehouse management system that offers real-time visibility of your inventory position.

We manage facilities that are designed for all temperature and environmental requirements and incorporate sophisticated handling equipment and technology. Whatever your fulfilment needs are (e-commerce/omni-channel, direct to consumer and/or B2B), we have the experience to take you to another level of customer satisfaction

  • Automotive

    Metro Supply Chain Group provides best in class logistics to leading automotive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. From inbound sequencing through finished goods distribution and aftermarket parts, Metro builds solutions that enhance and transform automotive supply chains.

    Whether we’re providing lineside support or service part logistics, our partnerships in the automotive industry bring the concept of time-critical to a new level. The ability to harness intelligent systems that support a transparent inventory view is essential to optimizing shipping performance, which, in turn, reduces labor and other variable costs for our customers.

    Parts Logistics

    Keeping rubber on the road

    Automotive service centres run on predictable parts delivery. Metro Supply Chain Group has the industry experience, infrastructure and networks to deploy and manage lean, resilient time-critical supply chains, ensuring your parts get to where they’re needed on time - every time.

    But, we don't just move your parts; we optimize your business, improving timing for critical processes and trimming those processes that don’t add value to the supply chain.

    Time-Critical Response Services

    When quick and reliable delivery is the only option

    Evolution Time Critical is a Metro Supply Chain Group company and the world’s leader in providing emergency logistics to the automotive, aerospace and marine industries. With the skills, experience and network to facilitate the most challenging delivery timelines and scenarios, our analysts are available on a 24 hour basis to deploy solutions in any part of world within a 15-minute response window. www.evolution-timecritical.com


    Evolution Time Critical offers a full range of premium logistics services, from express delivery (of any size to any where) to emergency distribution programmes with trans-global complexities. By focusing exclusively on mission-critical logistics, we’ve established an unparalleled level of expertise that we can apply across supply chain challenges in every industry.

    Critical Projects

    The company has also developed an expertise in supporting the logistics needs of complex relocation projects such as manufacturing plants. Such a challenge includes the installation of tooling and other infrastructure, coordination of suppliers, managing stock duplication and beginning production without any interruption in supply to customers.


    Relocating manufacturing operations can create significant cost benefits in terms of distribution operations alone. In addition, favourable proximity to customer plants and regional development zones can help secure contracts lock-down incentives. The challenge is to install the tooling and other infrastructure, coordinate suppliers, manage stock duplication and begin validated production without any interruption in supply to customers. Our team of dynamic footprint specialists understand these issues and have the expertise needed to deliver a total relocation solution. Whatever equipment is critical to your operation, Evolution can ensure it’s where you need it, when you need it.

    Evolution Time Critical is independently acknowledged as a leading specialist in premium freight by global benchmarking agencies Frost & Sullivan and ITM.

  • Retail / Omni-Channel

    Metro Supply Chain Group can help create a seamless online buying experience for your customers across all your sales channels. As your multi-channel order fulfillment needs grows, Metro is positioned to support that growth with dynamic, scalable fulfillment services and customized e-commerce solutions.

    Whether it’s brick and mortar retail, e-commerce, or omni-channel, we have the in depth logistics experience to move your products to your customers - with the speed, accuracy and precise packaging that is part of your brand. If you’re a larger retailer looking for a 3PL partner or a small to medium enterprise who wants to outsource fulfillment so you can focus on what you do best, take advantage of our nationwide presence, large and flexible warehousing capacity and state-of-the-art distribution solutions.

    We work across all sectors including:


    A strong, flexible, future-focused partner

    Today’s grocery manufacturers are looking for more than a logistics provider. In the fast-changing, hyper-competitive world of food sales, businesses need a partner with proven abilities to not only control costs, but to help penetrate markets, capitalize on incremental sales opportunities and navigate complex compliance challenges. We support a growing roster of consumer packaged goods clients with a robust network of operations in key geographic markets, while providing a level of real estate flexibility that anticipates changing M&A requirements.

    General/Mass Merchandise

    The retail agility to deliver customer satisfaction

    At Metro Supply Chain group, we are intimately familiar with the retail supply chain. We understand it’s dynamic nature and complexities and how both impact inventory velocity and operating margins. Every day, we help leading mass merchant, grocery and specialty retailers optimize their supply chains and improve retail-shelf fill rates. With end-to-end visibility and a lean, productive supply chain, you can speed products to market, drive growth and discover new levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Pet Product Retail

    Complex supply meet experience strategy

    In the competitive world of pet food and supplies, stock moves quickly and suppliers rotate as fast. Metro Supply Chain Group has been working with pet product retailers for over ten years, consolidating complex manufacturer networks into streamlined supply chains that ensure shelf stocking resources continuously correspond to business requirements.

    Home Accessories

    The answer to shorter delivery lead times

    In the home accessories market, where competition is fierce, margins are tight and room for error is almost non-existent, having a highly efficient supply chain is critical. As an experience logistics provider, Metro Supply Chain Group is uniquely positioned to optimize your supply chain so that you’re able to respond to shorter lead times and adhere to a strict delivery schedule.


    Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

    FULL SERVICE: Metro To Home is a full service logistics solution for manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike that provides solutions for first and last mile and everything in between. We eliminate the complexity of home delivery and make it as simple as ordering a book online. VISIBILITY: Metro To Home provides home delivery visibility at any given time and segment from “source to destination” for all stakeholders. BENEFITS: Metro To Home is an interconnected supply chain that delivers on efficiency, speed to market, and price.

  • Consumer Goods

    We work with many of the world’s most recognizable consumer products brands. Whether you require a total warehousing and distribution solution or select outsourced services, partnering with Metro Supply Chain Group can significantly improve your supply chain efficiency. In addition to managing warehousing and transportation needs, we’ve integrated final packaging into many distribution operations, resulting in reduced costs and significant reduction in order to delivery cycle times.

    Food & Confectionery

    Fresh from store to shelf

    Metro offers a growing range of storage and end-to-end supply chain solutions for companies with environment sensitive needs. From local dairy producers to national grocery retailers (with single facilities that can cover over a million sq. ft. and house 1200 employees), our customers rely on our ability to provide state-of-the-art temperature and humidity control across our warehouse and transport offerings.

    For over 40 years, we’ve provided integrated source-to-shelf supply chain solutions that help the world’s leading food and beverage companies drive performance by streamlining the complex path between manufacturers, retailers and consumers. 

    Whether you’re a grocery retailer looking to gain control of your inbound supply chain or a manufacturer looking to reduce shipping costs, Metro Supply Chain Group can help you unlock new efficiencies and bring real value to your supply chain.

    Among Metro's Other Consumer Goods Competencies Are:


    Making light work of big and heavy items

    Moving what are some the largest and heaviest products in any supply chain requires technical expertise, planning and personnel. With more than 20 years of continuous experience in appliance distribution, Metro has the extensive experience, specialized equipment and knowledge to keep appliances, large and small, moving toward the end user - on time and on budget. As a dedicated warehousing provider or third-party logistics partner, we can help you get the most value out of your appliance supply chain.


    Speed is the new black

    Succeeding in the modern apparel industry requires agility and precision. Ever-changing consumer demand means short product lifecycles and the need to manage multiple suppliers (with multiple points of origin). A lean, resilient supply chain is essential to move products quickly from manufacture through retail to consumer. We provide creative and flexible logistics solutions to leading apparel brands, applying experience, infrastructure and technology to streamline their supply chains and help them stay competitive.

  • Specialist Products

    The experience and knowledge to conceive of and deploy unique solutions for customers with specialized distribution needs is what truly differentiates Metro Supply Chain Group in the industry. Whether it’s regulatory compliance, temperature/environmental storage requirements, continued safety testing or any combination of product-specific post-manufacture handling needs, we have the resources to move specialized goods successfully to their end-user.


    Supporting Canadian and Allied Forces Around the World


    Metro has experience managing large orders involving complex national defense criteria. We provide state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution for on-time delivery of critical defense components to our global clients. With Metro, you can expect rapid turnaround and industry-leading accuracy in addition to full visibility and reporting through every stage of the supply chain.

    Health/Regulated Products

    Taking care of the products that take care of us all

    Shipping any healthcare-related product comes with its own set of unique requirements. Regulatory compliance, controlled storage, speed, and potential theft of high-value inventory are just a few of the challenges faced by manufacturers of healthcare (or any regulated) products. Metro Supply Chain Group has the healthcare supply experience to meet all challenges head-on. Our industry-leading solutions ensure that healthcare shipments get where they’re supposed to be, on time and in the condition they were ordered – with guaranteed security and chain of signature.


    Providing logistics solutions to the forest products industry

    Canada is largest exporter of forest products. At Metro, we’ve built a team of dedicated professionals who champion our forestry supply chains. Whether you produce pulp, paper or recycled fibres, our experts understand the logistics challenge that are unique to the forestry industry and can provide innovative shipping and supply chain solutions.


    Catering to the customized requirements of specialized industries

    Working with customers in the Oil and Gas Industry, Metro supports the complex handling and storage needs that are specific to the sector. In other Industrial Solutions we create unique/specific processes such as sub-manufacturing, returns/repair services etc.

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