Our Company

The Metro Supply Chain Group Story

Over 40 years ago, Metro Supply Chain Group began with a simple commitment to offering best-in-class warehousing facilities within a small, established market. We’ve grown since to become a leading provider of third party logistics (“3PL”) and supply chain solutions to enterprises in both North America and Europe.

We may be big in size, but we attribute much of our success to staying small in spirit. We maintain a flat organizational structure, meaning decisions can be made quickly and effectively and an entrepreneurial energy flows through everything we do.

At Metro, we apply a future-focused philosophy to logistics. In other words, anticipating how our customers’ needs will change tomorrow is a big part of meeting their needs today. We combine expansive warehousing and supply chain engineering experience with research and development to provide solutions that keep in step in with your business goals.

Flexibility, cost-effectiveness and transparency are the key drivers of logistics innovation and remain at the core of our offerings. Along the entire length of the supply chain – from raw material to final purchase – Metro’s solutions are designed to continuously optimize the movement of product to the end-user. Our customers in the retail, consumer packaged goods, automotive and specialized industries have come to depend on Metro to deliver a standard of leadership, ingenuity and reliable service that helps them drive their businesses forward.

"We only exist to support our customers with the best possible service at the lowest possible cost."

"Our customers expect real thought leadership from us in ways that add tangible benefit to their business"

Our History

In 1974, company founder Chiko Nanji, saw the need for reliable warehousing services within a region of Quebec. In the late 1980’s, that vision had expanded, capitalizing on economies of scale and expanded service capabilities to create growth for both the company and its customers.

Today, with over 6000 employees across 70 sites offering a full range of logistics and supply chain solutions, Metro Supply Chain Group continues to create growth with the same simple philosophy – help businesses do business.

Logistics. Where size does matter.

Based in Canada, Metro Supply Chain Group operates a significant network of over 70 sites across North America and Europe with a team of more than 6,000 associates.

The group has the capabilities to service the most complex and challenging distribution needs. For our customers, our physical size, financial strength and buying power translates into measurable economies of scale among other advantages. Although, ‘large enough to serve, we are also small enough to care’. We believe in creating fewer but deeper relationships and working to grow our business through these partnerships.

We maintain a flat organizational structure, meaning decisions can be made quickly and effectively. At the same time, an entrepreneurial energy flows through everything we do.

The Metro Culture

"Our Way" is how we describe the unique culture at MetroIt's more than a philosophy - it's a tradition of doing business that has emerged over Metro’s 40 plus year history as a people-driven company. Our Way is also the name of our mandatory continuing employee training program. Based on our core values of respect, transparency and continuous improvement, Our Way promotes continued awareness of we engage with our customer, our team, our company and our world. 


By inspiring teamwork and a passion for excellence, Our Way continuously strengthens the foundations of our business and supports our customers' goals. We believe that when people want to do the right thing for the right reasons, so much more becomes possible.

Making a difference in Our World.

Our World is one of the four components that make up Metro's Our Way culture, a guiding set of principles that gives everything we do a meaning beyond logistics. 

At Metro, we know that continued growth and profitability demands accountability at all levels of our business. Environmental and social considerations are as important as our financial responsibility to our customers, owners and employees. We also know that only through meaningful examination of our place on earth and our use of resources can we continue to develop the attitudes and practices that empower a sustainable future and effect meaningful social and economic change. 

Key features of Metro's Our World philosophy include:

  • Encouraging continuous awareness of all aspects of sustainability 
  • Empowering employee ownership of sustainable development 
  • Inspiring outward focus toward the needs and expectations of our community and the world